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About Us


 Founded in 2019, the vision of VaxClinic has been to improve quality of life and patient outcomes, primarily by increasing vaccination rates and avoiding preventable illness.  Our patient centered approach allows us to close gaps in care that are often overlooked in traditional healthcare settings.

VaxClinic offers an all-inclusive vaccination program. We specialize in on-site vaccine clinics for Long Term Care Facilities, schools and B2B Partners. Our goal is to provide a seamless and efficient experience while increasing vaccination rates within our community.

At VaxClinic, we take the uncertainty out of vaccination clinics.  Our experienced healthcare providers ensure a professional, customer focused on-site clinic.  Unlike other vaccine providers, immunization clinics are our primary focus, so we are always available to respond to questions or concerns at every step in the process.

Wide range of vaccinations

24/7 Availability for all shifts

Accept most insurance plans

Customized to meet your needs


VaxClinic Partnerships

One of our immunization experts visits your facility at least once per month in order to keep residents up-to-date with required vaccinations (i.e. flu, COVID-19, PNA, etc.)

Long Term Care Facilities

  • Why should I schedule a vaccine clinic?
    COVID-19 and Influenza ("The Flu") are contagious respiratory illnesses caused by viruses that spread through coughing, sneezing, or even talking. This means it is easily spread when an infected individual is in close contact with another person. Being able to have a vaccine clinic on-site means at risk individuals are more likely to be vaccinated, thus promoting a safer, healthier workplace/facility.
  • Does VaxClinic offer other vaccines?
    Yes! At VaxClinic we offer many CDC recommended vaccines! Those include, but are not limited to, vaccines for: -Influenza -COVID-19 -Shingles -Pneumonia -Hepatitis A and B -Tdap -Measels, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)
  • I'm not sure which vaccines I am eligible for. Can VaxClinic help me decide?
    Absolutely! VaxClinic has a team of clinically trained pharmacists who are experienced in evaluating your vaccination history, age and risk factors to make recommendations based on the most current CDC guidelines.
  • What will I need to supply if I am hosting a vaccination event?
    VaxClinic is truly an all-inclusive experience! This means that we provide everything necessary for administering vaccines along with Certified Immunizing Providers to answer all any questions. After completing a short consent form, eligible patients will promptly receive the vaccine(s) that have been requested.
  • Are the vaccines covered by my insurance plan?
    We accept most major insurance carriers and Medicare plans along with some medical plans. When employers are ready to book a vaccination clinic, a dedicated account manager will work to review all of the vaccines that are covered under the company's plan.
  • How many employees do I need to book a clinic?
    At VaxClinic, we will come to you whether you have 1 or 1000 employees! We are here to provide on-demand vaccines for your company and truly believe in the well-being of your staff.
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