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All-Inclusive Travel Health Services

We will provide a complete travel health assessment, specifically tailored for both you and your destination

Travel Health Consult
Rely on our medical expertise to assess your health and individual needs based on your destination and itinerary

Pre-Flight COVID Requirements
Based on specific country and airline restrictions, appropriate COVID-19 testing and vaccines are available (check out our Home PCR Test Kit)

Travel Vaccines
Our experienced providers will recommend and administer necessary vaccinations prior to travel. In general, you should get your vaccinations one month in advance of your trip, as it may take several weeks to develop full immunity. Also, certain vaccines may require a second dose.  We recommend scheduling your consult as soon as possible after travel plans have been confirmed

Preventative Medications
Prior to travel in areas where malaria and traveler's diarrhea are prevalent, our team can provide counseling and medication in order to help prevent illness

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